Dixie Belle Mud

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8 or 16 oz container

After Dixie Belle Paint has dried, place a stencil, preferable a DBP stencil, over your project and secure with spray adhesive or painters tape.  Using your Swamp Mud Spatula, spread Dixie Belle Swamp Mud over your stencil. If there’s excess, simply scrape back into the jar. Now, gently remove your stencil and you’ll be left with an embellishment! Drying time depends on the thickness of Dixie Belle Swamp Mud. Feel free to use a hair dryer or heat gun to speed along the drying process, it will also produce some awesome cracking. Use Dixie Belle Swamp Mud to fill veneer, gouges, scrapes or even holes. Spread Dixie Belle Swamp Mud over a flat surface and use stamps, leaves or even some burlap to create impressions and other interesting elements. Scoop some Dixie Belle Swamp Mud into a plastic bag, cut off the tip and create, words, designs, 3D effects onto your projects. Use to secure stones, mosaics, glass, etc. Let your imagination run wild! Dixie Belle Swamp Mud can be painted, glazed, Dixie Shined, sanded…you name it! Clean up using baby wipes or paper towels. Do not was down drain, it will clog!

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