Loyalty Program

Earn Store Credit & Access to Exclusive Sales!

We offer a 6-Box Loyalty Program to any customer who makes an in-store purchase.  To sign up for the program, simply fill out the card in store with your name, address, email, phone, and birth month.  We then keep the card at our store.  Each time you make a purchase, your pre-tax total will be added to one of the 6 boxes on the back.  Once all 6 boxes are filled, you will receive a store credit for 5% of the total you spent over those 6 visits next time you visit our store.  Store credit is redeemable on your 7th visit.  Your 7th visit sale is not recorded on a box unless you exceed the amount of store credit with your purchase in which case the difference will be applied to your new card.

After you fill your first white card, you then become a member of our "Pink Elite."  As a Pink Elite, you are upgraded to a pink card and are eligible for our "5th Saturday Sale."

The 5th Saturday Sale occurs any month that has 5 Saturdays.  On that 5th Saturday, Pink Elite receive 20% off all regularly priced items.  (Excludes any special orders as well as any furniture or consignment items which are always excluded from sales).

5th Saturday Sales in 2017:

April 29th

July 29th

September 30th

December 30th


Exchanges & Loyalty Boxes

When you make an exchange in store and receive store credit, it will be issued via a gift card and not deducted from your Loyalty Boxes.  However, when you redeem that store credit with your gift card, the new sale will not be added to your Loyalty Boxes UNLESS you spend over the gift card amount in which case the difference will be added.

Gift Card Purchases

When a gift card is purchased, the purchaser will be offered to add the sale to his/her Loyalty Card.  Therefore, the one redeeming the gift card cannot also add the sale to his/her own Loyalty Card.  When redeeming a gift card, anything spent over the gift card value can be added to redeemer's Loyalty Card.

Website Sales & Loyalty Boxes

We do not have a way to track Loyalty boxes via web sales.  If you would like a web purchase added to a Loyalty Card you have in store, please email us after your purchase at megan@carlynsmithcreations.com.  Any shipping paid will not be added to your card.