HMM - Ruin Your Day Jar Candle

HMM - Ruin Your Day Jar Candle

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Spice up your home with these super funny candles that are saying what we're all thinking! Sassy sarcastic candles that are just perfect to give yourself a good laugh every time you burn them.

Label reads:  Don't Let Idiots Ruin Your Day

Scent Name:  Cinnamon Bun

Scent Notes:
Top - Cinnamon, Clove
Middle - Butter, Sugar
Bottom – Vanilla, Cream

Each jar contains 10 fl oz wax in a 9oz jar. The finished candle weighs approximately 1lb. Our Highly Scented Candles are made in small batches daily to ensure Freshness! Jars come with colored twine and a charm.

All our fragrance oils are phthalate free, and to ensure the highest quality aromas, we use the maximum amount of oil our wax can hold. Each candle is handmade and labeled to order. Our candles are made with high quality Natural Waxes, and also burn 30-50% longer than paraffin candles. Burn Time for this candle is: ~70 + hours.

•The first burn is the most important burn. This creates what’s known as candle memory. To optimize the full potential of each candle, burn until there is a full melt pool (wax reaches the edge of the container). If this isn’t done, the candle will tunnel and reduce your burn time significantly. 

•Trim wick to app. 3/16” above the wax for best performance, before lighting and keep candle free of debris. Follow burn instructions on bottom of candle. Each candle burns 60+ hours.

•Burn for no more than 4 hours at a time.

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